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WordPress Development

As part of our development services, we offer full wordpress services for our clients, these service include wordpress installation on custom domain or website, wordpress plugins development, custom wordpress themes development and general wordpress content management.
Below is list of our free wordpress plugins available for download on the wordpress repository – just browse and get yourself a free copy of our awesome wordpress plugins.

Multi Purpose Mail Form

The Multi Purpose Mail Form wordpress plugin allows you to add a contact form to your website to allow your visitors to send emails to you directly from your website or blog. The Multi Purpose Mail Form also includes an email subscription form that you can use to capture visitors email addresses for service updates or newsletters. This wordpress plugin sends all data submitted via your website or blog to your email address.

Who Hit the Page – Hit Counter

Who Hit The Page – Hit Counter lets you know who hit your page by adding an invisible page hit counter on your website, so you know how many times a page has been visited and also know the IP addresses of your visitors. This plugin will also register the visitor’s browser type.

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