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What if you know how many times a page on your wordpress website has been visited, what browser was used and what is the IP address of the visitor? What if there was a wordpress plugin that could just keep track of the count instead of relying on your web hosting provider’s statistics? Well let me introduce you to our own ‘Who Hit the Page – Hit Counter’ plugin for your wordpress website.

Who Hit the Page – Hit Counter is an invisible hit counter that counts visitors on the background and register unique IP addresses that have visited your website, it also registers the user agent or browser type that was used to visit your wordpress site. Unlike other hit counters, Who Hit the Page – Counter does not display anything on your website, meaning your visitors will not know they are being counted.

The data collected on your wordpress website will be registered on your wordpress database and will be available for your viewing on a nice table on your wordpress admin. On your admin, Who Hit the Page – Hit Counter allows you to see the number of visits per page, and also the devices IP addresses, browser type of your visitor and the time of first visit.

Once again, welcome to know Who Hit the Page by our wordpress hit counter plugin.

Version 1.3 of Who Hit The Page Hit Counter

See the full documentation of the Hit Counter

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