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Who Hit The Page Version 1.4 – New Features

Hello everyone, it has been a long time since my last update, there has been some ups and downs that I will not discuss here. All I can say is that I have finally released a new version 1.4 of the plugin and I hope it helps you a lot in your business.

I have made so many promises about new features, but unfortunately, I did not implement all of them, I am sorry if your request has not been implemented so far. Here is what I have managed to do and I hope to do better soon. Thank you for your waiting.

* Added IP Geolocation by Country – Import Geo Location data from CSV file
* Relate an IP/visitor with the pages visited
* Relate an IP/visitor with the browsers used by that IP
* Count visiting countries and the number of visitors from each country
* Added Summary of hits (Visiting Countries, Browser’s Used, Total Unique Visitors, Total Page Hits)
* Added single visitor statistics (total hits for the visitor, pages visited and hit counts for each, browsers used by user, Country where the visitor visits from)
* Export all data to a CSV file (import feature not yet implemented)

Bugs and fixes

* Bug fixes
* Discount hits by a number specified by user or default to 1
* Fixed browser/user agent string – now browser are identified by name, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc

Other changes

* Changed layout to incoporate the layout of WordPress
* New Pages Added each for a specific purpose

– Who Hit The Page, shows the summary of all data (total hits, top 5 visiting countries, browsers used, total unique visitors)
– View All Details, shows the raw data as before (all page hits, all IP addresses in a table)
– Visitor Stats, shows the details of a single visitor, select visitor’s IP to see pages visited, browsers used, total visits and date of first and last visit
– Denied IPs, where you add or view a list of denied IP addresses
– Export Import, Import Geolocation data or export statistics data to CSV files
– Settings, options page for backup export and import
– Help, shows get started and other useful information

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