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Introducing Hustle… He’s Gonna Make You Some Money

We’ve got a long history here at WPMU DEV of developing plugins that grow your business, but I’ve always wanted to give you one plugin to rule them all. So today please let me introduce you to the first step in that direction: meet Hustle!

Right now, Hustle is the best email opt-in plugin you’re ever going to meet. Not only is he amazingly easy to work with but he’s also astonishingly flexible, powerful and works out of the box with Upfront – go give him a try for free today (yes, you can literally try and keep every WPMU DEV plugin and theme, FOR FREE!)

Into the future, Hustle is going to be basis of our marketing, growth hacking and biz development services. He’ll be your complete suave salesman that gets you the customers. He’s got the sass, the moves and the grooves… and he’s definitely my favourite superhero so far 🙂


Email Opt-In Hustle, You Say?

Oh yes, but this ain’t no regular shortcode-stuffed super-complex old-skool WordPress plugin…

It really doesn't get any easier than this.
It really doesn’t get any easier than this.

He really really is slick and straightforward and, well, more than a bit sexy.

Setting up your first opt-in form is as easy as selecting how damn good you want it to look.

Of course, there are templates galore but wherever and however you want your fields to fall or images to impress, Hustle’s got you covered.

And that’s just the start of it.

You won't need a single line of code
You won’t need a single line of code

Because once you’ve played with the options and let Hustle do his thing, you’ll have a positive email magnet that looks exactly how you sure as heck want it to look.

And, of course, if you want to use your own CSS it’s all there for you… but we don’t mind if you don’t 🙂

Honestly, I can say without any sort of exaggeration that this is the easiest to use and best-designed plugin we’ve ever made.

Which gives you room for all sorts of interesting experimentation…

With Hustle you can pretty much create any sort of pop-up, slide-in, widget or embed.

And targeting new visitors to your site? Well, that’s no problem at all.

Just a small selection of the cool conditions you can set up using Hustle
Just a small selection of the cool conditions you can set up using Hustle

Oh, and did I mention that there’s literally one-click integration with Mailchimp, AWeber and CampaignMonitor? Well, there is! Straight outta the box.


And here’s the plan:

Over the next year not only can you expect to see beautiful new templates, native Upfront integration (your own Hustle element!) and a whole bunch of integrations and improvements to the opt-in email side of things, but you can also expect to see a whole raft of other sooooper cool (and some kindaa secret, and a teensy bit special!) tools that will help you, quite literally, transform your business – or at least anyone that wants to make some business.

And, of course, we’ll be introducing a Hustling course at the WPMU DEV Academy, you can discuss how to use Hustle with our awesome support staff (or in your exclusive members-only discussion area), and use him along with the other 100+ plugins & themes that we offer.

Oh, and he works great with Hummingbird and Defender, too.

So, that only leaves me with two things!

First up, go and have a play with Hustle – after all you can do that for FREE, right now (and get 50% off membership ongoing!!!)

And second, let us know in the comments what you* would like us to do with Hustle for you… after all we’re here to hustle you up some business, let us know what you want 🙂

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