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How to Learn WordPress Inside Out In 7 Websites

So you want to learn WordPress? Whether you’re a noob trying to set up a blog for the first time or a developer with PHP SuperPowers, there’s resource out there for you.

To save you time tracking down the right training website for you, we’ve rounded up the best training websites that offer WordPress courses and online classes.

Years ago, the best way to learn WordPress was with a combination of hacking your way through the Codex and figuring things out in the context of live projects. Both of those approaches are still admirable, but sites such as LyndaTreehouseUdemy and Skillshare can now also be used to save you a significant amount of time.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the major pros and cons of these new options in general before we look at the providers themselves in detail.

We’ll kick things off with the plus points:

  • Learn by doing. No boring, long-winded lectures or idle navel-gazing. Simply watch a short video and apply what you’ve just learned immediately.
  • Suits a wide range of needs. The sites we’ll cover are equally suitable for non-technical people seeking to up their game, non-WordPress developers looking to break into a new market, and advanced WordPress users rounding out their skill sets.
  • Self-paced. You’re free to match your learning to your own schedule.
  • High-quality production values. There’ll be no dodgy audio, blurry images, or random irritating background music to suffer through here – you’ll be enjoying high-definition screencasts and crystal clear walkthroughs.
  • Highly Affordable. For a low one-time or monthly payment, you get access to hours and hours of high-quality learning resources. A WordPress course offered in any formal education environment such as a college or a university is priced far higher in comparison.

Into every life, a little rain must sadly fall, however. There are also a few potential snags to consider:

  • Lack of accountability. Self-paced learning is incredibly convenient, but there’s nobody there to crack the whip when motivation flags. You’ll be responsible for maintaining your own interest.
  • Risk of overwhelm as a beginner. If you’re relatively new to WordPress, the sheer variety of content might be intimidating. The providers we’ll be looking at offer structured learning paths to mitigate against this, but it can be a little overwhelming looking at some of the curricula if you’re tackling this for the first time.
  • Slight paucity of advanced material. Advanced topics are out there if you look for them, but the market as a whole, perhaps understandably, skews towards beginners and intermediates.

Wrapping Up

The level of progress in online learning in the last few years is genuinely startling. It’s now possible to tackle even the most advanced topics for pennies a day, with access to some of the world’s best teachers across a huge range of topics.

All of the providers on our list have something to offer for different learners, but we’d single out and WPSessions in particular for those at either end of the experience spectrum. Beginners will be excellently served by the former, while experienced WordPress users will find plenty to get their teeth into with the latter.

We’d love to hear how you’re tackling your own learning needs. Are you already using some of the sites we’ve highlighted or do you have other resources to recommend? Get in touch via the comments below and let us know.

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