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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I see the visitors’ statistics after installing the plugin?

On your wordpress admin – Go to your admin and look for ‘Who Hit The Page’ on the main menu on the left, click on it you will see a summary of the data or click on “View All Details” under “Who Hit The Pape” to see all the raw data.

How do I discount myself as a visitor?

Go to the counters page on your admin and click the “-” button corresponding to the page(s) you visited, if you have visited one page more than once, then enter the number of times you have visited the page and then click the “-” button

How can I block an IP address from accessing my site?

This plugin does not have that feature, when you add an IP to the deny list, the plugin will only ignore the IP and not count it as a Visitor

Do my website visitors see the page hits?

No! Who Hit The Page – Hit Counter is an invisible hit counter, it doesn’t show visitors that they are counted, instead it helps you know about your visitors by registering their information so you will know where they are and what browser they use to view your website.

Does the plugin block denied IPs access to my site?

No. In this plugin, denying an IP only means “Do not count this IP as a visitor”, this is for IPs such as Web Spiders, Search Engine Bots or yourself – you don’t have to count yourself as a visitor when you are editing your page.

How do I Deny my own computer’s IP address?

If you know the IP address of your own devices like Home/Work Computer, you can go to “Who Hit The Page” then “Denied IPs” and ‘Enter IP address to add to deny list’ and click on ‘Add To Deny List’ to continuously disallow the plugin to count visits from that IP address. But Make sure this is a static IP address – meaning it doesn’t change over time, otherwise you will have to keep updating your denied IP list.

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