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And the 2015 WPMU DEV Blog Survey Giveaway Winner Is…

If you won a lifetime WPMU DEV membership, what would you do with it? Terry Lyle is planning to learn how to code and develop websites using Upfront after winning our 2015 Blog Survey giveaway.

Terry has won a lifetime WPMU DEV membership!
Terry has won a lifetime WPMU DEV membership!

Terry, from New York state, has won lifetime access to our huge catalogue of themes, plugins and white label videos, as well as 24/7 access to our support team for all his WordPress needs.

When we contacted Terry yesterday, he said he had recently retired after 40 years in the graphic design business and had lots of ideas for websites he wanted to develop.

While he rated his WordPress skills as a “4” on the survey, he said he planned to use his membership to level up his web development knowledge.

“I am learning and thanks to the WPMU DEV support team I’m getting better. I’ve never experienced such personal, one-to-one, clear and helpful support from any company. It’s the top reason I stick around. You people are the best!” Terry said.

“Because I am a novice and very interested in the technology as well as the creative side of web development, I do read the blog regularly. Sometimes the subject matter is way beyond where I am at the moment but that’s how you learn, eh?

“It’s been quite a challenge learning about web development. But a hell of a lot of fun!

“Because many of the solutions to what I want to create with Upfront end up requiring some coding, I’ve actually decided that I might as well learn about it.”

“WPMY DEV has been a tremendous help and influence along the way. I am aiming for that ’10!’”

Thank You for Taking Part in the 2015 Survey

The 2015 WPMU DEV Blog Survey is now closed and we’ve started sifting through the results.

Thank you for everyone who took the time to answer the survey questions and leave feedback and suggestions. The results will help inform the future direction of our blog so we can better serve you and your WordPress needs.

If you’re interested in creating websites with Upfront, the latest version was released yesterday. Keen an eye out for our State of WPMU DEV email update for all the details of the release. If you would like to subscribe to our email newsletter and keep up-to-date on theme and plugin releases, enter your email in the subscribe box below.

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