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Amazing V1.3 – Who Hit The Page

Finally, after a long time in development, version 1.3 of our Who Hit The Page Hit Counter is finally here. Thanks to our awesome users who have made requests and comments – you guys are really awesome without you some of the features in version 1.3 would not have been developed.

Version 1.3 comes bundled with awesome functionality meeting most of our users’ requests and feedback and I am glad to tell you that this feature rich hit counter is here just for you and only you our wonderful ‘Who Hit The Page – Hit Counter’ user.

So what are we really talking about?

Version 1.3 of Who Hit The Page – Hit Counter comes with the following features requested by our users.

  • Ability to Add IP deny list – so you can restring the counter from counting some IPs you specify – like your own computer
  • Deny/Restrict website host’s IP address
  • Block or Deny an IP that is already listed on your Visitors IP table
  • Counter Reset  for Individual Pages/Identifiers and a master reset for all pages
  • Ability to Delete an Identifier or to Delete All in hits table
  • IP count reset – to reset the count of a certain IP
  • Ability to clear or “Delete All” IP addresses
  •  Discount  visits by 1 on some pages

Detailed feature description

IP Deny List

If you frequently visit your own website from the same computer, you can add your computer’s IP to the deny list so that you don’t get counted when you visit your website

Other computers you may like to block include your work computer – the one you use to edit or update your website, you can need to obtain its IP address and add it to the deny list, you can add as many IPs as you like on the deny list, maybe your tablet or smart phone if you have static IP addresses on each of them.

Here you need to decide who is not supposed to be counted and this could possibly be yourself your home or work computers and maybe even your friend if you they are distorting your visitor statistics

Deny or Restrict Website Host IP

This is a feature of Who Hit The Page that tries to detect the website’s IP address so that when you edit your website via the admin and you click “Preview” or “Visit Site” from the admin page, you will not be counted so if you edit your pages you won’t be counted when you preview the page

Who Hit The Page tries to detect the referrer or the website from which a link was clicked and if that is the site as the site’s IP address or host name, then that could possibly be you. The are some other ways that the hit counter detects the IP address to deny, but the point is to make sure the site owner as not counted as a visitor

Block or Deny an IP that is already listed on your Visitors IP table

If an IP address is already counted by Who Hit The Page and you feel it should be excluded from the list, maybe this is your new computer you forgot to add to the IP Deny list or maybe its a search engine or bot that is not human and you want to remove it. You can either reset its count, delete it, or Add it to the deny list. This feature allows you to add any IP address to the deny list straight from the Visitors IP Information table.

To Deny an IP address that is already listed or counted, click on “Deny” next to that IP address on the Visitors’ IP table.

Counter Reset  for Individual Pages/Identifiers and a master reset for all pages

For some reason you may wish to reset all counters for certain pages on your page list. Who Hit The Page – Hit Counter now allows you to reset some counters just by clicking a button. You can choose to reset only on a certain page or resetting all hit counter identifiers.

To reset the count for a single page, click the “Reset” button corresponding to that page or identifier, or press “Reset All” at the bottom of the hit counts table. Resetting all counters will also reset the counts on the IP table but without deleting the IP addresses themselves.

Ability to Delete one  or  All Identifiers in hits table

If you have set a page to be counted and you no longer wish to count that page, removing the “whohit” shortcode on that page is insufficient, you will also need to remove the page’s identifier on your Hits table to clear things a little bit. Another reason for deleting, may be a page that no longer exists on your website or maybe you have mistyped your identifier on the page or post, if you edit the identifier on the page it won’t be edited on your hits table but will simply add a new entry on the table

In order to delete an identifier from the hit counter table, click the “Delete” button corresponding to the page identifier you want to remove.

IP count reset – to reset the count of a certain IP

You can reset the count for a certain IP address by clicking the “Reset” button corresponding to that IP address or reset all counts by clicking on the “Reset All” button at the bottom of the IP table.

Ability to clear or “Delete All” IP addresses

For some reason you may see the need to delete an IP address from the visitors’ ip addresses table. Maybe because its an ip address of a search bot or you own computer’s ip address. If you don’t see the need for this IP address on the visitors’ ip table, you can either delete it or restrict it from being counted the next time someone visits your website from that ip address.

To delete the ip address just click on the “Delete” button corresponding to that IP address, or you can restrict it from being counted by clicking the “Deny” button on its row on the table.

 Discount  visits by 1 on some pages

Lastly, if you have visited your own website to check your work, you may wish to discount yourself on the counts of the pages you visited. Lets say you have visited your latest post (titled “my post xyz”  and identified by “Post XYZ” on the hit counter table) from an Internet cafe. If you know how many times you have visited that page, say three times, you may wish to subtract three (3) from the hit count table.

To discount certain page hits, click on the “-1” button on the row of the page you have visited or just wish to discount. In our example above, go to hit counter table and click “-1” three time on the “Post XYZ” row.

Please note that version 1.1 and 1.2 have not been released but they were a buildup to version 1.3, but I can say they are stable but only without some or most of the features of version 1.3. You can always download them if you feel you don’t need the features of version 1.3. Version 1.3 is the most suitable in terms of feature request from our users, it only excludes the discount functionality but has most of the other features.


Well! This is what there is on Version 1.3 of Who Hit The Page – Hit Counter, we hope this plugin proves useful to you as it is to us and if you need more features, let us know by emailing your requests to Mahlamusa at [email protected]. We are always willing to here from you and you requests and feedback is more than appreciated.

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1 Comment

  1. Dave

    Only started playing with this type of code for about 2 weeks.
    Not even sure what its called! But it is fun and takes my mind off work stress!!

    A couple of little changes I made while playing around with “Who Hit The Page”.
    A great page counter by the way…. Thanks mahlamusa

    /* Changed Agent background color from the intense green to a lighter blue, easier on the eyes */


    113: table.ip-table tr .agent{width: 52%; background-color:#3399FF;}


    /* Changed “Order By” from “ip_total_visits” to “date_time_last_visit” */
    /* This will sort the list so the latest hit will display at top of list. */
    /* May not sort right when we hit months like 10,11,12.. have to wait and see*/

    168: $hit_info_result = mysql_query(“SELECT * FROM whtp_hitinfo WHERE ip_status=’active’ ORDER BY datetime_last_visit DESC”);

    Looked into setting time from UTC to users local time… to much adding and subtracting for me…
    I build radio and television stations, that is a lot easier than this…


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