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20 Job Board Themes and Plugins for WordPress Worth Checking Out

If your site is focused on a particular niche, adding a job board is a great way to encourage visitors to check back regularly and even sign up to your newsletter for job updates.

Whether you choose to target freelancers worldwide, student volunteers in your local city, or executive-level job seekers across your country, having a good job board theme or plugin can make all the difference.

Before you get started, there are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you plan to make the job board the central focus of your WordPress site, or will you simply add it as a separate page to your existing site?
  • Do you plan to allow employers submit listings for free or for a price?
  • What filter options would make it easier for job seekers to browse through listings?
  • What essential information will be required for employers to submit their listings?
  • Would it be beneficial to include an interactive map for employers’ addresses?
  • Do you want job seekers to apply through your site by creating an account and logging in, or simply by directly emailing the employer?

Depending on which niche you plan to focus on, along with what range of functions you want your job board to offer, you may need quite a lot of specific options built into your site.

Here are 15 themes plus five plugins for a total of 20 top-notch WordPress products that will enable you set up a job board that’s as simple or as advanced as you want it to be. The solutions below include premium functionality and can be customized to suit your needs, whether you want to create a job board for a recruitment agency, business or creative website.

Job Board Themes

  • 1. WordPress Micro Jobs


    Not all job boards are geared toward offline jobs. The WordPress Micro Jobs premium theme is all about online gigs, enabling you to set up a site with a similar look and functionality to Fiverr or PeoplePerHour.

    Not only is it responsive, but it also offers a range of other premium features you wouldn’t find anywhere else – like member workflow, member history, a built-in messaging system, order history, invoicing, user feedback, ratings, and more.

  • 2. Nine to Five


    Many people prefer job boards that cut right to the chase and don’t include any distracting graphics or unnecessary extra sections. Nine to Five is a clean and simple premium theme that puts the job board front and center, featuring a host of filter options that job seekers can use to drill down their results.

    It’s responsive, includes customizable colors and styles, enables users to create accounts, and gives you the option to set up a blog too.

  • 3. Jobify


    With over 5,000 downloads, Jobify is ThemeForest’s most popular premium job board theme.

    This particular theme focuses on helping you build a real community of both employers and job seekers. The design is clean, modern, responsive, and fully customizable so that you can make it look as unique as you want.

    It also offers resume support by integrating with the Resume Manager plugin, so employers can search and find candidates more easily.

  • 4. Jobifier


    If your job board specifically focuses on location-targeted employers and job seekers, then you’ll want to have a look at ColorLabs’ premium Jobifier theme for its Google Maps integration and intuitively simple design.

    This theme offers users their own dashboards when they register, making the process of listing and searching as easy as possible. The theme looks amazing when used on mobile devices, and it can even be integrated with the popular job site Indeed.

  • 5. Jobmonster


    Jobmonster is a seriously gorgeous (and responsive) premium theme, built to help you craft and nurture that connection between the employer and the candidate. With two home variations, you can choose from “home with job search” or “home with search on map”.

    Employers can easily submit their listings directly, which won’t be published until the admin reviews and approves it. Both the employer and the candidate get their own dashboards, so each can edit their profiles, manage listings or resumes, and respond to one another.

  • 6. HireBee


    There are more opportunities for freelancers now than ever, so if your plan is to set one up specifically for this type of job market, you should look into using the HireBee premium theme.

    Similar to other freelance marketplace sites, it enables employers to post projects so that freelancers can bid on them. You have complete control of the pricing, so when a freelancer takes a project, you get to take a cut.

    The theme offers additional monetization features as well, including credit plans for freelancers, credit perks, and an escrow feature.

  • 7. JobPress


    There are a ton of incredibly powerful job boards out there that come at a premium price, but what if you’re not ready for that yet? JobPress is a totally free theme that’s perfect if you really just want the basics.

    Featuring a clean and easy to navigate board design, registered users are able to submit job listings for you to review and publish. If you’re not big on giving all your users a dashboard and managing the whole application process for them through your site, you can use JobPress to simply let them apply to employers via email.

  • 8. JobBoard


    JobBoard is an incredibly versatile premium theme that offers responsive design and functionality for both job and resume listings, directories, and marketplaces.

    Its latest version gives you the opportunity to offer resume packages that you can create and charge both employers and candidates who wish to publish their jobs or resumes on your site.

    The theme enables you to easily monetize your site via PayPal and credit card, with upcoming WooCommerce integration and other features scheduled for future version releases.

  • 9. JobRoller


    JobRoller claims to be the most popular job board theme for WordPress. This is one premium theme that maintains a simple look, but has a large offering of powerful features and tools you can use – including separate portals for employers and candidates, custom job types, a resume database, and transaction logging.

    The theme also provides everything you need to start monetizing your job board right away, along with the extra added convenience of integration with other major job sites including Indeed, Simply Hired, and LinkedIn.

  • 10. JobEngine


    For a clean and easy to use job board that not only offers lots of customizable and monetization options, but also looks fantastic when viewed on a mobile device, there’s the JobEngine premium theme.

    It offers the best of both worlds in terms of customization and simple user experience. You can charge for projects with package plans, manage online applications, include bidding options, and do all sorts of other things you can’t find in a regular or lightweight job board theme.

  • 11. WPJobus


    WPJobus is ThemeForest’s most complete and feature-packed premium job board theme. With this theme, you get three extremely customizable page layouts – including one for personal resumes, one for company profiles, and of course one for the job board itself.

    The theme ensures that it’s so complete, you shouldn’t need to rely on any third-party plugins to get it looking and working just the way you want. Featuring a modern, clean, and flat responsive design, WPJobus is the theme you want if you’re looking to build a seriously powerful job board WordPress site.

  • 12. Babysitter


    Although this premium theme is focused on a very tight niche, it’s still worth mentioning in this list. Babysitter is a clean and responsive job board theme geared toward babysitters, nannies, mom blogs, or other sites focused on babies and toddlers.

    It’s a great alternative to the other themes if you’re really looking for a distinct “baby” design that still looks professional. It’s not quite as complete as some of the others, but it still offers enough options to create and manage a successful job board. The theme also integrates with the WP Job Manager plugin and offers over 40 shortcodes to create your own pages.

  • 13. Jobseek


    Jobseek is an excellent option if you don’t quite have the budget for one of the more complete premium themes, but still need something that offers a good range of features and looks awesome on both the web and mobile devices.

    It includes advanced forms, price tables, a stats counter plugin, and more features geared toward recruiters and job offices. Employers and candidates can also register and login with their own accounts to post jobs, submit resumes, and browse everything easily.

  • 14. JobHunt


    Sometimes, you just want a really gorgeous responsive theme with great animations and visuals. JobHunt is another job board theme that’s on the more affordable side, but it does unfortunately lack some of the additional full-featured options that the higher priced themes offer.

    However, that shouldn’t be a problem if you really just need a functional job board with the most essential options for employers and candidates to post and apply through their accounts. The theme is easily customizable and includes six different color variations.

  • 15. Jobera


    Jobera is a unique looking premium job board theme that combines visuals and simple design. It’s one of the more feature-packed themes on this list, enabling you to customize a wide variety of features so you can create the exact look you want.

    The theme has also been tested to be compatible with a huge number of job board-specific plugins, both free and paid, so if you do need more features, there are plenty to choose from. Jobera also offers unlimited homepage variations, job forms, portal management tools, and lots more additional features.

Job Board Plugins

  • 16. WP Job Manager


    For WordPress site owners who aren’t looking to completely overhaul their theme for job board support, an excellent free alternative option is the WP Job Manager plugin. It’s a lightweight job listing plugin that can look great on any theme with a bit of CSS cleanup, enabling you to place shortcodes on any page of your site so that the job listings show up there.

    Employers are able to submit and preview their listings before they publish, and users can easily search and filter through listings as they browse.

  • 17. WPJobBoard


    For a more advanced job board option that you can add to an existing WordPress theme, the WPJobBoard premium plugin is a top choice.

    It is said to be the most innovative job board software you can get for its one-click installation, compatibility with all themes, easy to use drag and drop editor, integration with other third-party services like PayPal, and multiple feature for both SEO and social media. Both employers and candidates can register to create their accounts without you ever needing to add any complicated code to your existing site first.

  • 18. Jobs & Experts


    Jobs & Experts is a plugin that was originally developed to power the WPMU DEV Custom WordPress Development page, and now you can use it for a developer or freelance project job board of your own.

    Anyone can post a project along with its description, budget, deadlines, and attached spec files. Job seekers can create professional looking profiles to showcase all their skills, which will look great on any theme. The plugin also comes with an advanced search module, specific categories, and skill tags for an easy navigation experience.

  • 19. Job Manager by SmartRecruiters


    Similar to the WP Job Manager plugin, Job Manager by SmartRecruiters is a free plugin that generates a hashcode that you can copy and paste to the post or page where you want your job listings to appear.

    You’ll need a SmartRecruiters account to use this plugin, so keep that in mind. With it, you’ll be able to easily manage job listings, advertise and crosspost to other job boards like Monster and others, enable candidates to apply through a form you can configure, track all applicants, and lots more. It’s perhaps the most feature-packed job board plugin that’s still free.

  • 20. Osclass Job Board


    Osclass offers free recruiting software for company websites, specifically to recruit within their own companies. A free WordPress plugin is also available based on the same software. You can use it to collect resumes from applicants and manage all the job offers in your company.

    Although it’s meant to work on your existing theme, four job board themes are available – two of which are responsive – to further customize the look. You can communicate with applicants, rate their resumes, and even enable them to apply via LinkedIn.

Or have you ever thought about putting a job board on your existing site? Which theme or plugin would you try first? Let us know in the comments below.

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